LA Sheeting - Acoustic Insulation


A flexible, heavy bituminous compound produced with special additives which lend it the physical characteristics suited to reducing surface vibration.


Adapts to all surfaces easily. Available in three finishes and thickness and weight in accordance with the required insulation.

Simple to install using screws, staples or self-adhesive. Replaces the lead sheets used in the past and which are now illegal.

Eliminates or reduces the problem of resonance frequency associated with laminated plasterboard.


Fluid pipes, ventilation tubing and ducts.

It is also the ideal complement for the design of multi-layer sandwich type panels on walls and floors to improve insulation at low frequencies.

Technical data

Material: Polymer based bitumen.

Low load resistance: 10,000kg/m2.

Dimensions (roll):

  • LA-3,5: 1,000 x 7,000mm.
  • LA-5 and LA 10: 1,000 x 5,000mm.
  • Dimensions (self-adhesive board): 1,000 x 1,400mm.


  • LA-3,5: 2mm
  • LA-5: 3mm
  • LA-10: 5mm


  • LA-3,5: 3.5kg/m2.
  • LA-5: 5kg/m2.
  • LA-10: 10kg/m2.
  • Operating temperature: -20oC to +80oC.

LA - 3.5 LA - 5 LA - 10
Global sound reduction index, Rw (C;Ctr): (dB) 15 (-1;4) 17(-1;5) 23(-2;5)
Global weighted A sound reduction index, RA: (dBA) 14.6 16.0 22.1


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