Snowsorber - Foam Panel

Our initial objective being to services the generator and related markets with products that could help solve any acoustic problems the customer might have. Since then we now import a wide range of high quality Acoustic products to service a range of markets including Air Conditioning plants, Generator rooms and Recording studios etc.

Our product range includes the following

  • Snowsorber is fire retardant

Snowsorber Profile Finishers

Comes in thickness ranging from 10mm up to 100mm. Standard convoluted (profiled) thicknesses are 50mm and 80mm (Base to Peak)

We also fabricate various composites that suit the customer’s needs. These include the following:

  1. Snowsorber laminated with LA-3,5 adds 3,5kg/m2 of weight for super silent generators. thicknesses vary according to customer requirements
  2. Snowsorber laminated with LA-5 adds 5kg/m2 of weight to make the best acoustic barrier available thicknesses vary according to customer requirements
  3. Snowsorber standard colour charcoal grey other colours available on clients request
  4. Snowsorber standard size tile 500 x 500 x 50mm other sizes available on clients request


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